My toilet moment

It was my last Sunday in Japan. I had cried more in the last month than I think I had in my whole life. How rich and vast were the friendships I had made and how much God had transformed our life in our church and in this beautiful country over the years. There was brokenness, stress and sadness to leave because we love Japan so much. God had told us it was time for the next season and of course we would follow.

I went to church as usual and burst out crying when trying to pray with everyone before church….agh, how was I going to lead worship? Sometimes I would get a little teary normally just worshiping but How weird and awkward would it be if the worship leader said “Welcome to church” and then cried ugly tears the entire praise and worship set.

I went to the toilet before the service started and I said “I need your help, I can’t do this without you” there and then I felt a warm strength like God was wrapping his arms around me and holding me “I Got you”.

As we started Worship it stayed and got stronger, we had a powerful, joyous, fun and magnificent time lifting up the name of Jesus! It was the best!

Who would have thought that God would powerfully touch my life in the toilet lol

But you know, God is not limited to a place, he is a big glorious God who will move if we just say the words “I need you”

Whether it be in the car, toilet, shower, shop, church, friends house and whatever situation you may be in don’t be afraid to ask for His help, His love and His power in your life, Because God is big and He’s got you.


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