I called him a liar

Though I am and always have been a bit of a joker and somewhat lighthearted person, I struggled with the battle of trying to define who I was by other peoples thoughts of me.

I really believed that what and who I was could be shaped by how others perceived me. When you do this, it pretty much makes your life a bit a of an unstable mess.

Managing feelings of not being good enough, to the feeling of being a champion over and over.

Am I valuable because others say so?

Am I beautiful because others think so?

Am I special because of my surroundings.


One day something just clicked. I was sick of being ruled from the outside, fake thoughts and untrue ideas of myself and said “Devil you are a liar”

They are lies.

The truth is. God sees our worth, it’s worth his son living and dying for us.

God thought us through, before the start of creation. God made us unique and special, with the ability to develop the passions and gifts he has placed inside.

Being true to who God has created us to be is the ultimate way to live.

How can we live a purpose and successful life if we are trying to walk in shoes that do not fit.

Actions that I took to make change in how I could live this life true and real was this:

* Making sure I have God time, reading His word to see what He has to say to me.

* Unfollowing or choosing not to be around people who seem critical of others.

* Choosing how I speak about myself and others.

* What music am I listening to?

* What am I watching?

* Who am I listening to?

* What do I focus my thoughts and energy towards?

Being purposeful about how I live.

Awesome thing about breathing and living is that it’s a continual discovery, journey and decision to live in Gods best and be all he wants me to be and the closer we move towards His ways and who He is we can overcome any lies that we have believed in the past.

I know many people struggle with the same thing and I pray we all discover Gods value on us over and over again because he has made us all beautiful in His sight and we can walk His ways in the shoes best fitted for us.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

‭‭John‬ ‭10:10‬ ‭NIV‬‬


Out of control

Ever prayed for something and when the time came for what you asked for to happen, you felt unprepared and taken by surprise?

I used to occasionally go horse riding with my friend, after a few times I started getting a little annoyed because the horses would just walk the whole time, I started telling a girl who would sometimes come with me “I wish the horses would just go a little faster and be more exciting”. The next time I went out for a ride my friend asked if we would like to go in a different area.

The moment we started riding, the horses starting going for it, running, dodging trees and having the time of their lives while we…I was holding on for dear life. As soon as we got to the top of a hill clearance the horse I was on bolted through a gate and started going for it fast down the hill and started bucking, half way down my friend was riding next to me shouting “hold on!”, next thing I was flying did a flip in the air and landed flat on my back.

I wasn’t ready, prepared or even slightly convinced that what I had been wanting and asking for was actually going to happen. When it did I was thrown of guard, and landed straight on my back.

When we pray, are we prepared for God to answer? When we ask for something, are we ready for God to say yes?

When God moves in a situation it can feel like it happened suddenly and we are taken of guard.

Let’s pray full of faith, preparing ourselves for him to move and not be surprised when he does.

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 6:46


We’ve just started cleaning up my Mums property this week after years, maybe 10 or more of letting plants just grow. This house is not like your average backyard, it is a pretty huge section with trees, blackberry bush and craziness taking over.

I remember when some of the vines were tiny and picking of a few berries as a teen.

Now the roots run deep, it’s even hard to find where the source is, some vines had pulled down fences and our friend even came in with a digger to rip bushes out. But when we pulled them out and cut, dug, ripped those tree and bushes out we were all surprised how much room there was and how much light was getting into the section.

Oh how much is this like our lives. When we have something undealt with. An issue, hurt, insecurities, areas of weakness, unforgiveness, things we think we can just leave and walk away and months or years later we find ourselves crossing boundaries we have put up, saying, thinking or acting in ways which are not in line with how we would like to live, or helpful for a fruitful life.

It’s almost hard to find the root of the problem or the cause sometimes. “Why am I getting so angry?” …”Why can I not control that area of my life?”…..”Why am I so sensitive to those words”, I don’t know what it is but I know it could be a list of things for many people.

We can’t just leave things to “be” and hope time will make it “go away”.

We need to be open to cut down those brunches and find the source and uproot it. Getting healing and help through Jesus is the absolute best way and he sometimes makes us work through it slowly cutting each brunch and in some amazing points He comes in with that powerful word which is like the digger pulling everything out from the roots.

I am choosing to keep an eye out for any “brunches” that don’t look fruitful, cut them and uproot the source before it gets out of hand and am so excited for all the room there is for growth and fruitfulness in all areas of life as I do this.

It’s a New Year and isn’t that the best time to reflect and decide to do the best for yourself and those around you by letting Him transform you into your best!

Happy gardening 🙂