I tripped up in front of everyone

Let’s go back to my first year at highschool, the field was surrounded by little hills of grass where all the first year students liked to sit and hang out. Basically, if you were doing anything on the field everyone could watch. 

One day I saw my youth Pastor at the end of the field and filled with excitement I ran my little heart out to her to say hi. 

As I was running like an Olympic runner, I felt my bag go over my head and my body do a flip in the air, as I fell to the ground the school giant sprinkler started spraying water all over me. 

When I stood up I turned around to see mounds of people rolling up and down the hill in fits of laughter. 

The rest of the year people would come up to me and say “Had a nice trip?” All in good fun of course and we’d all have a laugh, even now the epic fail still sometimes comes up.

Hey, we all have tripped up right?

What happens in life when we fall down in front of everyone, sometimes we feel like everyone is on the side watching us as we fall, make a mistake or have an epic fail. 

I know I have had some major slip ups and it was pretty hard for me to get back up again. There are these voices or reminders that come up “had a nice trip”, “remember when”, “you’re not good enough because” but those words and feelings are not from God. 

It’s says in Micah 7:19 “Once again you will have compassion on us. You will trample our sins under your feet and throw them into the depths of the ocean!”

God is so great and so big and so amazing that when we come to him for forgiveness and say “I tripped up and fell” he picks us up, wipes us off and throws that sin into the depth of the sea!

Ignore those negative voices of condemnation and hold onto Gods grace and love.

With him we can always get back up, learn from our mistakes and continue to move forward in his grace and love! 


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