What’s in your cup?

One day I was chilling at my friends house. We wanted hot chocolates so I made them. When we went to drink them they were not sweet at all they were disgusting and salty! I think I coughed mine all over the kitchen floor.

I mistook the salt for sugar. Her house kept the salt in a little clay pot with a spoon….it looked like sugar. 

It looked right but it wasn’t and it made a huge horrible difference.

Sometimes we mistake something that looks like the right thing when it’s not. 
That guy who is attractive, kind and funny….but is not a Christian. A job which pays well but it doesn’t really go along with your dreams. Losing your cool at the other drivers on the road because they are wrong.Coffee time with the friend who loves to gossip or how about just a few more minutes of social media when it’s full of bad news.
We set out to have a sweet life with balance. But you add one teaspoon of salt in there and it will put a bad taste on the whole of life.
So how can we test and manage what we add and take out? Be real. Look at your values and write them down. What is coming out of you is what is in your heart. Look at your goals and write them down. Look at what Gods word says for you and write it down.

When Jesus is the center and his word is the deciding factor for our decisions some things just become clearer like a nice label. THIS IS SALT. THIS IS SUGAR.
Can you decide to not compromise for what you ultimately want for your life? 
If God is at the top of our list then it becomes easier to do things that side towards him and not emotion, the easy way or social pressure. 
I often sit and “review” what is good for my life and what isn’t. It’s usually in silence (waiting for my son to sleep) but it’s great to put things back on the shelf that aren’t worth putting in my cup and to decide what needs to go in for the next day. 
I found it helps me keep on top of which direction I am heading and how my character is building as a person.

“A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.”
What will you put in your cup? Anger, gossip, unforgiveness, lust, hurt, envy. 


Love, kindness, generousity, forgiveness, gratitude and laughter.

It’s always our choice to add great things to our lives and if we failed today it’s okay, get a clean cup for tomorrow and start again! 


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