Grace bomb

What why did I write grace bomb? 
Because, when we understand grace, it’s like boom! Everything else fades away. 

Your insufficiency gone, guilt gone, shame gone. The need to compare or try to compete are all exploded and what’s left is peace, power and a sound mind! 
My son is two. He’s the cutest little human I have ever loved. He can do absolutely nothing and I’ll do anything for him. 

When tries to do something nice for me like putting the uncooked pasta in a bowl for me to eat, it melts my heart.

Grace is underserved, it’s a gift. 

My son can’t do anything to make him be any more my son than he is now. But somehow everyday I feel myself loving him more! 
And that is the same with our awesome father God. You can’t do anything to be more loved or more cared for or more Gods son or daughter, he loves you. 

God gave his absolute best for you. 

Understand the intensity and the greatness of how much he loves and cares for you. 

And live from that. You’ll find you can do ALL THINGS you need to do with him. You can use your gifts and talents he gave you. And best of all you can love others so much more! 
My pastor shared how they helped rebuild a house after the big Tohoku disaster in Japan. An old lady stood in the door bowing and crying, she had nothing to give them to repay them for rebuilding her house but to invite them in for a cup of green tea. 

God gave Jesus to save us, heal us and set us free. Just like the lady with the green tea, Though we have nothing comparable to give back to him he gives to us freely! 

Let Gods unfailing grace remind you today of how loved and excepted you are today! 


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