Do you like Sweet Potato?

The sweet potato is a popular food in Japan, you can find it roasting on the side of the streets in the back of a truck or used to make cakes or chippies. In New Zealand the sweet potato (kumara) is popular in traditional dishes and also the good old Sunday roast. 
I don’t like sweet potato, the taste of it makes me gag and sometimes when I mistake it for a normal potato some tears find their way out of my eyes as I try and politely get it down.
…..So why am I talking about this? 

Sometimes someones favorite is anothers worst. 

You can’t please everyone. You are unique. You are special. Choose to be around and surround yourself with people who think the best about you. It does no good for your self esteem or worth to try and change someones image of you by changing who you are. 

Be yourself, be who God created you to be, it’s okay not to be everyones flavour, it’s okay to be you! 

I know you are someones favorite kind of person. Gods works are wonderfully awesome and you are one of them! 


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