The art of being grateful

There are two pictures that can be painted with our thoughts about our lives. One full of regret and bitterness and one full of gratitude and joy.
I painted both pictures. The first was careful strokes and splashes of thoughts of the past, of what ifs and whys, unforgiveness was always sufficient and I found myself dreaming of better days. The outcome meant I had no vision for the future, on the outside cracks started forming and I started to become a bitter person, relationships getting worse and making temporary decisions and finding less and less joy.

Actually, I know a lot of us have been there or are there and still want to stay there. But life continues to move forward and so should we.

How can we dream bigger, live better or love more when we are looking back?

It was a decision to look forward and paint a new picture in my mind. To break habits of looking back which had become a battle and start piecing together beautiful splashes of vision, love, dreams and enjoying each moment that God brought my way. When I did this slowly more light started to creep in and my life started to get better.

Was it my life that changed or me?

I changed and so my life reflected what was happening on the inside. It will always start to come out.

Don’t let everything fall apart before you decide to make the change to be grateful, we can all look at other people’s lives or out past lives and wish and hope but that won’t provide a better future.

I can truly say now I am so grateful for my life and am excited for what lies ahead!
Here a some things to chose on purpose to do! 

1. Take time to reflect on the good things, health, friendships, food, clothes, things you have overcome.

2. Choose to see the positive. (Instead of all the problems or things that arn’t right)

3. Forgive and let go and do it again. (We all needed forgiveness from someone)

4. Ask yourself, what can I do to make tomorrow brighter. ( reading the bible was a huge one to help me in this)

5. Pray….even short ….try, because you may say “What if God doesn’t hear my prayers” but what happens if he does?

6. Surround yourself with people who are excited about the future not constantly talking about the past.